Maple Trees

The name our our foundation has a special meaning that is threefold. First of all the Dutch words ‘Mappul’ and ‘Lo’have the meaning of ‘Maple’ and ‘Forest’. These together changed into ‘Meppelo’ which was the more ancient name of the current city of Meppel in the North East of the Netherlands. The municipality of Meppel is the official place where our Foundation is based.

Second, this city of Meppel has an interesting history. Even in the year 1141 the city has been desribed in recorded history. In the area there were mostly farmlands at that time that were only reachable by water. Therefore the area was quite restricted when it comes to being able to reach it. Today this is of course not the case anymore in the modern 21st century. At the same time, many places in the world are still not the case. Therefore this history is reflected beautifully in ur mission; our foundation wants to reach our to those in need who most need and and are currently not ot insufficiently reached.

Lastly, the maple tree is a very common tree in the areas that our founders visited since 2012. The link between our first trips, which were in Asia, are also reflected in our name.